Introduction to Hairdressing

The Sharon Leavy Academy

5 weeks

Investment: 895.00

Location: Tullamore

Awarding Body: The Sharon Leavy Academy

Commencing: To Be Confirmed

Day: Tuesday

Time: 10am- 1pm

About this Course:

What You Will Study:

This course is designed as an introduction to the hairdressing industry or someone that wants advice on styling their own hair at home. This course will give learners confidence in their abilities to style hair. 

Health and Safety 
  • Health and Safety Act 1974
  • First aid
  • Dealing with emergencies
  • Risk assessment
  • Personal hygiene
  • COSHH – Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health
  • Slips and trips
  • Environmental aspects
  • PPE
  • Client/employee safety.
Consultation/customer care 
  • Be able to consult and advise a client
  • Speak clearly/ listen
  • Body language
  • Client requirements
  • Sufficient client information to help make a decision
  • Identifying factors that may prevent a service
  • Visual aids
  • Client records
  • Carry out appropriate tests
  • MI requirements/PPE
  • Aftercare advice
  • Face shapes/patterns
  • Identifying hair types
  • Skin conditions
Shampooing/product choice 
  • Be able to prepare yourself and your client for shampoo/conditioning service
  • Prepare your work area
  • Sanitise area/equipment
  • Identifying hair type
Shampooing/product choice continued… 
  • Identifying any contraindications
  • Shampooing techniques e.g. effleurage
  • Be able to pick the correct products for service and know what each product is for e.g. moisture is good for hydration
  • Posture
  • pH scale
  • Shampoo theory e.g. what does shampoo do to the cuticle. 
Introduction to the colour star 
  • What is colour
  • Depth/tone
  • Primary/secondary colours
  • Colour star
  • Types of colour/peroxide/bleach
Blow drying/correct use of tools 
  • Be able to prepare yourself and your client
  • Tools needed and what they are e.g. brushes, clips
  • How to hold the dryer
  • How the shape of the hair can be changed
  • Blow drying aids/products
  • How to prepare the hair
  • Sectioning
  • Faults when blow-drying
  • What is blow-drying
  • Blow drying techniques
Heat styling/dressing hair 
  • What is heat styling/dressing hair
  • How to use heat correctly
  • Different ways to style hair e.g. waves, curls, finger waving
  • Face shapes/patterns
  • Picking the correct product choice
  • Finished look
Introduction to hairdressing/hairdressing theory. 
  • What is hairdressing
  • Careers in hairdressing
  • Salon/reception duties
  • What is the hair made up of
  • Stages of hair growth
  • Shampoo molecule
  • Types of detergents
  • Infections/diseases

Investment: 895.00

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