CIDESCO: The Complete Beauty Therapy Diploma

CIDESCO / ITEC Face & Body Qualification

8 months

Investment: 7,995.00

Location: Tullamore

Awarding Body: CIDESCO / ITEC Face & Body Qualification

Start Date: 30th September 2024

Day: Monday - Wednesday

Time: 10am – 4pm

About this Course:

Kits: Kits are upon request from the school

Practical Assessments: CIDESCO, ITEC and Theory MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Pre-Requisite: No experience necessary

This is the ultimate for any student who wishes to be the best within the industry. This full-time program has a rigorous structure and you will engage on all aspects of the beauty industry from skin care and eye, facials, waxing, tinting manicure /pedicure, figure analysis, body, and facial electrics and massage to name a few areas.

98% of our CIDESCO graduates are placed in work within 3 Months of Qualifying by our Director Sharon, whether you want to work in a salon, day spa, health farm, cruise ship, cosmetic distributor or cosmetic counter we have the connections to assist you on your journey.After qualifying as a CIDESCO beauty therapist the options for you to advance your skills are limitless with many therapists forging ahead in the field of Advanced Skincare treatments.

Awarding Body’s which you will qualify within:

  • CIDESCO Beauty & Body Therapy Diploma
  • ITEC Level 4 Diploma for Beauty Specialist – Skin Care & Eye Treatments, Manicure & Pedicure, Makeup, Waxing 
  • ITEC Level 5 Diploma in Facial Electrical Treatments,
  • ITEC Level 5 Diploma in Body Treatments – Swedish Massage, Figure Analysis & Body Electricals
  • ITEC Level 5 Diploma in Epilation

Course Fee Includes:

  • Full years Tuition
  • Skin Care Kit
  • Brush Set
  • 2 x Uniforms

NOTE: Course Fee does not include Exam Fees.

Students will purchase: Books & Consumables eg wax pot, tinting kit etc, PRO Makeup Artistry Kit etc

Course Curriculum:

Module 1 – Peeling back the layers.

Within this module, we show our students how to analyze the skin precisely and scientifically. Using different techniques, you will be able to analyze the skin in much more depth.

View the skin from different angles, see how your skin is related to what’s going on inside your body and how it reflects on the outside. Through a detailed consultation, you will be able to assess your client’s skin and give the greatest proposed treatment. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and gives us an extremely effective shield against our environment.  It provides a waterproof barrier, stops bacteria and allergens from penetrating, serves as protection from UV light and locks water into itself for hydration.

Become a professional in skin care and equip your clients with the knowledge to select the correct product for their skin. For the skin to function effectively it requires anti-oxidants, vitamins, water and amino acids (among other things).  Whilst we should be getting this from our diet, this is not always the case, educate your clients on the importance of correct skin care product choice. When working optimally your skin will look and feel comfortable, hydrated and will have an even glowing color.

Module 2 – The naked truth.

Within this part of your course, you will learn to perform a facial. Using a variety of techniques. Take a facial to a whole new level with the addition of facial electrical machines.

A Facial incorporates the importance of cleansing and exfoliation. Our skin naturally renews or sheds itself and this process is known as exfoliation, when we are younger this happens every 28 days but as we age it starts to naturally slow down. Many factors can impact the skins ability to renew itself effectively. When used correctly exfoliants should help stimulate cell turnover, brighten skin, help prevent congestion and help with overall cell regeneration playing a key part in your anti-age program.

Have your clients coming back time and time again as they melt away in your hands as you give a very relaxing and warm facial massage. The facial massage encourages detoxification and lymphatic drainage, which in turn reduce inflammation and swelling, creating more optimum skin health.

When the skin is revealed to be naked you can determine which electrical treatment will suit your client’s skin type. While training at The Sharon Leavy College of Hair and Beauty you will work with and learn a variety of facial electrical machines. Tone your client’s muscles with the faradic machine to ensure they have a lift on sagging jowls, remove any blemishes or toxins with the vacuum suction machine, alleviate your client’s breakouts with the use of an anti-bacterial and germicidal high-frequency treatment or add active ingredients such as collagen to their skin with iontophoresis.

Be a skin specialist and study all aspects of the skin and the possible treatments available that will allow you to become an expert in your field.

Module 3 – Body Analysis.

Have you ever wondered why we are all different? Learn the science and the genetics behind why we all look unique. This section of the course explores why people look and walk a particular way.

Within the figure analysis component, you will be able to access a client as they walk into a room, you will understand the different factors that shape how we sit and stand. You have often heard of ‘scoliosis’ but have you heard of lordosis or kyphosis, within module three you will be able to explore all the dissimilarities the human body has and develops as we grow. Learn the reasoning behind ‘rounded shoulders’, or why a person develops flat feet.

You will be able to perform a full consultation with your client noting any anomalies that he/she may have, you will learn to give an expert analysis on their body type and shape you will then be able to deliver a unique treatment plan for your client to aid with any complaint their body may present with.

Develop a strong professional bond with your client as you master the art of consultation and tactfulness. Your client should trust in your professionalism and your expertise. At The Sharon Leavy Academy, we will teach you how to become an excellent therapist who has amazing people skills and knowledge of your career that others can only dream of.

Module 4 – Tip to Toe

The first point of introduction in life, we offer a handshake, this module is all about the hands and toes. With nail varnish becoming a must-have accessory this unit has the capability of keeping you very busy.

With everyone wanting to portrait a neat and professional appearance the emphasis is all about the hands, perfect the different styles of shaping the natural nail. The manicure course gives you the knowledge that you need for Nail Therapies and the certification to take your skills to a higher level. Be confident with your knife and cuticle nipper skills as these elements are what will ensure your nail plate is ready for the perfect polish. Ensure your client floats out of your treatment room with a spa pedicure which covers, filing, cuticle work, buffing, lower leg, and foot massage and the end polish.

You will learn all the techniques required in performing the perfect pedicure and manicure with a high gloss polish.

Module 5 – Wow Brow.

In this module, you will learn the art and different techniques of coloring and shaping the brows. Define the face by enhancing your client’s brows and lashes.

To achieve the perfect brow there are many steps to be taken, from the initial measuring of the brow. Be confident in what shape and style brow suits your client’s needs. Educate your client on the importance of defined well-groomed brows. You will then apply a tint. The tint helps to define and color the brow hairs. From there we recommend the trimming of the hairs, then waxing of all the untidy or stray hairs. You will then have the option of threading from the upper brow and lower. Then finish off by shading in the brow.

Add definition to the lashes by tinting them. Choose from blue-black, black or brown depending on your client’s coloring and preference.

Module 6 – Wax away.

Module 6 will see you learn all about the art of hair removal. There are many techniques for removing unwanted hair, you will learn all of them and practically perform hot and cool wax treatments.

With more and more people attending the salon for hair removal, this is a must-have qualification for every therapist. In this section of the course, you will understand the different types of wax such as hot and cool wax. You will gain the knowledge to perform a full leg wax, lip/chin wax, underarm, brow and bikini wax treatment. Be a meticulous wax therapist, by perfecting your skills and being confident in your own abilities.

Ensure you give your clients a pain-free wax treatment with correct techniques and the all-important smooth finish that they desire. Transform your client’s experience of waxing, be confident and efficient whilst offering a professional time acceptable service.

Module 7 – Rub it out.

This section of the course will see a therapist develop into a masseuse. Develop a passion for hands-on healing through massage.

Within this section of the course, you will learn the five classical massage movements. Never underestimate the power of touch and its healing abilities. Under the umbrella of Swedish massage, you will develop a skill set that will see you alleviate stress and tension from your client through a sequence of movements designed to treat an ailment.

Stress has been shown to be very harmful to our health, therefore it is important that the body’s functions return to a state of balance following a stressful event. Massage is a very soothing and relaxing treatment that can help the body heal and repair itself.Massage is the manipulation of tissues against tissues and tissues against bone, massage relieves tension in muscles around the joints, making movement easier and less painful.

There are many benefits to massage such as improved circulation, improved lymphatic drainage, it promotes relaxation and aid desquamation.

Module 8 – Power up

This section will see you master the mechanical side of the course. You will discover an array of electrical treatments that you will be able to perform for your clients every need.

With the demand for perfection at an unprecedented high, it is essential that you can deliver what your client needs. With the assistance of machines, you can introduce active ingredients such as collagen or proteins to slow down the signs of aging. Bring your treatment listings for both face and body to a whole new level with high frequency, galvanic, vacuum suction, G5, faradic, steam, and microcurrent. Aid I client with acne skin, or put your client on a weight loss program the options are endless with this module of the CIDESCO program

Within the electrical section, you will also study electrology which is the only permanent method of hair removal. This is a very precise treatment that can see you advance your skills to an advanced level after certification. You will perfect the art of removing hair with a very small needle and an electric current.

Investment: 7,995.00

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