Step 2 – Introduction to Advanced Skin Knowledge

AIT Accredited

1 Day

Investment: 249.00

Location: Tullamore or Online

Awarding Body: AIT Accredited

Start Date: 17th June 2024

Day: Monday

Time: 4 hours

About this Course:

This course is designed for therapists with a basic skin background looking to expand their knowledge. A theory-based course that will help build on existing knowledge from previous assessments and give you the tools to educate others on a skin journey. It will give you the provision to work with a wide variety of brands, having an overview of common cosmeceutical ingredients used within the industry, their effects on the skin & how treating the skin internally can be beneficial. Discussions on common skin conditions seen within a salon environment and various factors that may contribute to them will help you understand how to effectively address skin concerns. You will learn skills on how to carry out an in-depth skin consultation in salon or online and how to manage client expectations. By elaborating on prior knowledge, it will help you become more employable and give you a greater insight into all things skin.

Pre-Requisite: This course is an advanced skin course and only recommended for therapist with a background knowledge in skincare or who have just completed their Introduction to skin course.

What You Will Study:

  • Overview of skin. Elaborating on prior knowledge, with further description.
  • Skin; Acne, rosacea, ageing, pigmentation. We will discuss what triggers different responses in the skin.
  • Treating from the inside, out; the skin is an organ and must be treated form the inside out. We will discuss how you can incorporate supplements & minor diet changes associated with certain skin concerns that may help you achieve greater results.
  • Skin analysis: you will be able to complete a full consultation in salon or online. We will provide you with the tools to carry out an in depth and accurate consultation.
  • Ingredients: This element of the course will run through the widely used cosmeceutical ingredients within the industry. By gaining knowledge of ingredients, you will be able to work with a wide range of brands. We will identify what ingredients work well for skin type, conditions and concerns.

Investment: 249.00

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