3 Week Pro Brow Technician (add Brow Lamination for €199)

Sharon Leavy Academy

4 hours

Investment: 599.00

Location: Tullamore

Awarding Body: Sharon Leavy Academy

Commencing: 13th June 2023

Day: Tuesday

Time: 9.30am - 1:30pm

About this Course:

Kits: Professional Brow Kit

  • Brow wax pot 50g
  • Sensitive Hot film wax discs
  • Pre Cleansing Lotion
  • After Wax Treatment Lotion
  • Waxing Spatulas
  • Tweezers
  • Tint Brush
  • Light & Dark Brown Tint
  • Black Tint
  • Blue Black Tint
  • Grey Tint
  • Stain Remover
  • Tint Developer
  • Eye protection papers
  • Scissors
  • Cotton Buds
  • Thread
  • Vaseline

Pre-Requisite: No experience necessary

Fees Include: Threading & Pro Brow Starter Kit

It’s all about the eyes. Become a brow expert with our professional brow element. Enhance your work with sheer brow perfection. You will learn to shape, tweeze, wax and tint the brows. If a client is missing some hairs fill in or to fill out the brow shape. Over the past five years, the eyebrow market has grown considerably as women have become more aware of the benefits of defining their eyebrows to frame their face.

As a brow technician, you can transform the way your client looks and feels, simply by using a variety of skills and tools. You can design each client’s brows to suit their individual face shape and customise to their preference. This 3-day course is ideal for a therapist looking to upskill or for people looking to enter into the ever-growing and diverse beauty industry.

What You Will Learn:

In this workshop, you will learn how to become a guru in the brow industry, rather than feel you’re like a beginner.

You will learn our methods and techniques of the most professional Brow Treatment.  We teach you all methods for the most precise Brow Treatment including Threading, Waxing, Precision Tinting, Trimming and Applying the perfect brow Makeup to enhance the shape even more.

Brow Treatment training includes:

Day 1
  • Threading
  • Consultation on Threading
  • Contraindications for Threading
  • Aftercare for Threading
  • Hygiene & Sterilisation
  • Pricing your Threading treatments
  • Practical study of Threading
  • Threading Eyebrows
Day 2
  • Professional Brow Experience
  • Personal Consultation
  • Preparation
  • Custom Blend Colouring
  • Mapping out the shape
Day 3
  • Creating the shape
  • Waxing
  • Threading follow up
  • Trimming the Brow
  • Perfecting the brow shape
  • Makeup finish
  • Aftercare
Day 4
  • Social Media and Marketing
  • Review over case studies
  • Exam on Brow Treatment (2 models)
  • Review of all elements

Course requirements: Case studies will be carried out throughout the 4 weeks on all aspects of a Brow Treatment. In order to receive your certificate, an Exam will take place on the final day of the course.

Tutor: Sonia Lowry

Investment: 599.00

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